About Us

In the past few decades that Wallex construction has been in operation, it has earned prestige and recognition as a trustworthy contracting firm that delivers timely services exceeding quality expectations.  In total, Wallex has completed over 3 million square feet of work since it was founded.


Safety of our team as well as everyone involved in a project along with being responsible to ensure our clients get what they want.


We are completely transparent with our client so that they can be sure of trusting us with their investment and vision.


We follow through every promise we make ensuring the best possible solution and value to our clients.


Lastly, we base all our values on the core value of honesty with all our clients as well as contracting firms.

“We believe in building long lasting relationships based on trust, love and care with a promise to fulfil your construction needs in the best way possible.”

Edmonton Office

Phone: 780 907 5899
Fax: 587 410 6952

Ontario Office

Phone: 647 625 5898
Fax: 437 800 4384

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